Welcome to the FINCA Project!

  • FINCA: Flora Introduced and Naturalized in Central America
  • FINCA: Flora Introducida y Naturalizada en CentroAmérica

Central America has a large gradient of climate patterns and habitats and a remarkable biodiversity. Currently, one of the most pressing conservation issues across this region is the expansion of invasive  species.

In this project, we are compiling a database of the alien, naturalized and invasive plants species occurring across Central America. We are using this database to:

  • (1) describe the structure, composition, and diversity of alien flora in this region

  • (2) assess regional patterns of naturalization and invasion

  • (3) identify and evaluate geographical, ecological and socioeconomic factors driving the introduction and naturalization of alien species on this region


The idea of this website is to provide access to general information on non-native, naturalized, and invasive plant species, local news in each country, and many other resources such as local checklists, information on regulations and bio-security protocols, references, newsletters, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


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